An interactive data visualization of our GitHub activity in WebVR.


Use the W, A, S, D keys and your mouse to explore. Click on an object to reveal more information.

To explore, simply look around and click to move forward. Hover the cursor over an object to reveal more information.

Insert headset.


Since the inception of our GitHub in 2008, we've worked on hundreds of repositories for a multitude of clients. That's ... data points, to be exact. The data was last updated on ....

Each floating object (or node) in Vigeverse represents a different project that we've worked on. Objects clustered in the center are projects that we've recently contributed to, while objects on the outskirts represent our oldest. The orbiters around a node represent the contributors to that project. Blue objects signify private repos, whereas objects of orange or any other color represent public repos and open source work. The size of the objects correspond to their relative size in kilobytes.

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