It's time for Slack to get physical

How it Works

SlackAlert is magic hardware that integrates every Slack channel and allows you to interact with Slack with the push of a button. A pinnacle of physical and digital fusion, SlackAlert is a solution created by Viget for highly consequential situations like rescuing co-workers stuck in stairwells, refilling the coffee machine, or signalling the beginning of a party.


Particle Internet Button

The Particle Internet Button serves as the brain and backbone of SlackAlert. Built around the powerful Photon development kit, your SlackAlert will contain more processing power than all Apollo mission vehicles combined.

3D-Printed Base and Protective Cover

Designed to endure literally thousands of years of wear-and-tear, the co-polyester base and cover work together to cradle the internet button like a tiny robotic newborn.

Custom Software

SlackAlert is built on top of Screenless, an open source alternative user interface (AUI) designed for rapidly prototyping. Possibly built by a secret government organization or aliens, we’re sharing it with the world. Everything from the hardware to the software is open source.

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Justin Sinichko

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